Legal Superdrol Alternative

Superdrol, one of best steroids for muscle growth and strength. Probably the best steroid after Dianabol. Utilized by a lot of bodybuilders and professional powerlifters. Legal Superdrol alternative, safe without any of the bad side effects of Superdrol. Also, 100% legal and contains no banned substances.

Beastdrol- Legal Superdrol Alternative

History of Superdrol- Methasterone

Methasterone, also known as Superdrol or methyldrostanolone, one of the strongest orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) out there. Methasterone (Superdrol), created back in the 1950s but never commercially available as a prescription drug.

Even though Methasterone itself,never available to the public, the non-17α-alkylated counterpart of Methasterone also distributed under the name Masteron.

The name Superdrol might sound familiar to you – It was actually the brand name of a dietary supplement containing methasterone. Superdrol product marketed as a prohormone or a dietary supplement, which could not more wrong.

Once this caught the FDA’s attention back in 2006, they forced the brand Superdrol discontinued. In 2012, Methasterone was completely banned altogether – making it a controlled substance like all other AAS.

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